Art of Olivia Tatara

The Energy ARt of OLIVIA TATAra

Olivia offers you custom paintings, books of energy healing poems, and endless creativity so you get inspired to live your dream each day.

Energy Art Paintings

Energy Art is art with a purpose. Created specifically for you with inspiration and love so you can feel changes in your life through the magic of art. Every painting has a story. Read more.


Olivia is an author of many books of poems, art, and inspiration from life lessons of love, loss, passion, and self healing. Open your mind and get lost in the poetry. Allow haiku to make you feel

Fine Art for Sale

Digital Art is a fairly new art media that is convinient but takes the same amount of time and process to master. Olivia creates spiritual digital art to raise your consciousness.

Art is Everything

About OAT

​”The artistic meaning for my work is to bring you to a higher state of consciousness through color, light, and love. Allow my creativity to spark inspiration and creativity in your life. “

Olivia is an author, artist, and creator. Her passion is painting and inspiring all people to be who they are through art and expression. Her first book is Love Haiku: Photo Haiku to Open the Heart and Soul available on Amazon. Browse this website and allow yourself to get inspired to add color and creativity into your life any way you can. Shop all art.

Other amazing books by Olivia Tatara include, Ho’oponopono Haiku: Haiku for Self Healing, Cosmic Haiku, and Fire Girl.

Read more about Olivia’s Artistic and Intuitive Gifts.

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5 Years

Art Experience


Books Published


Taught Artist



Connect to the primal forces of our wonderful planet with an elemental energy art masterpiece.


The stars and galaxies are sobeautiful. Invite infinite cosmic consciousness into your reality.

Magic of Ho'oponopono

This is a painting with the embedded essence of : I love you. Please forgive me. Thank you. I am sorry.

Rainbow Aura Energy

Allow me to use my intuition to paint your aura in all its colorful glory and majesty.


A symbol of peace and serenity. Perfect to bring your space a sense of calm and zen.


An energy art painting with inspiring words and affirmation statements.

Lotus Flower

This is where my artistic journey began. Allow my mastery of the lotus flower bring endless resilience and beauty as you venture through life. A perfect addition to any home, business, and even as a gift for a loved one.