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5 Things to be Grateful for during Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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Gratitude can change your life, not just in the face of the COVID-19.

This seems like something out a sci-fi movie or fiction novel.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is hitting the world in a pandemic accompanied by precaution and worry. During times like this, daily routines change and life as we know it seems to be transformed into ways that would be unheard of in the past. Believe it or not, this is apart of the evolution of humanity and our society as a whole. Either you adapt and change your habits and mindsets, or you jump on the stress bandwagon and succumb yourself even more to the turmoil internally.

There are so many things to worry about that people say. However, this is no time to be overrun by stress, worry, or negative talk. The real test here is for people to come together and use the mind to overcome what is being said in the media and what the actual truth is; which both could be terrifying depending on who you are.

There is truth out there in what is happening and has happened in the past, but the universal truth to help each and everyone of you humans is gratitude. Gratitude will set you free.

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Here are 5 Things to be Grateful for in midst of the coronavirus:

1. Your Current Health

Take precaution. Stay in a clean place. Eat the right foods. Do your stretching or minor exercise. Be grateful for your life each moment and give thanks that you are healthy and not suffering like thousands of people. If you are not feeling well, rest and take the correct action to nurture your symptoms. Stay informed, but do not let what is going on the news and media infect your mind to create stress and worry. Health is mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. Take this time to find balance and peace within to make you stronger going forward.

2. Time With Loved Ones and with Oneself

How many times do people say that they do not have enough time? A lot. Most civilians are being forced, or highly encouraged, to stay in their homes during this time of the coronavirus. Now is the perfect time to be thankful for the time you spend with your friends, family, and all loved ones. Always be grateful for the time you get to spend with the person or people you love the most. Sometimes there isn’t enough time and life seems to be going a million miles per hour. Take a step back and breathe, enjoy, love, eat, and cherish the time you have together. This is very important. You don’t even have to make the time now, it is given to you.

There is no shame is being alone during this time to stay healthy and away from germs. Also take this time if you are isolated or not around anyone to rejuvenate and pamper yourself. Love yourself even more now in this time. It will pay off and your health will thank you.

3. Work Changes

Some people are being advised to work from home and others do not have a choice. Some people are even out of a job due to the coronavirus (COVID-19). It is a great time to brainstorm and reflect on life, work, and lifestyle. Make your space a space where you can get things done without hassle. Take this opportunity to work in a stress free environment. Take this time to work on the business of you and build your own foundations. The ones that work now will reap the benefits of the time after this passes. It is going to a time or rapid growth with the way the world is now.

4. Comedy

There is so much negativity around in the media, in people’s thoughts, and in groups/societies about the coronavirus happening in the world. The coronavirus is not the only thing that is happening in the world right now. There are natural disasters happening all over. It is time to humanity to wake up. There is nothing stronger than love and gratitude. Fill your life with good times, laughs, and comedy. Be grateful for the good times and please watch something, a movie, TV show, even YouTube, that will make you laugh and feel good. Even read a book that will make you feel good. This will shift everything if you are feeling effected emotionally by what is happening with the coronavirus.

5. Water, Electric, Food – Basic Human Necessities

Even though we have to stay inside and away from people, it is a huge blessing that most people still have access to electricity and running water. Most other disasters due to Hurricanes or Fires leave effected people and areas without modern necessities. Be grateful that even though there are rules, we will have the accommodations for healthy living. Grocery stores are still open (#BLESSED) so people can stock up on supplies. Even though the media is causing panic, rise above though gratitude and be grateful for what you do have. Stay in the know but also be aware of what you can control: your body, your health, your internal and external influences, your house cleanliness, your family, ect.

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Gratitude can change your life, not just in the face of the COVID-19.

Gratitude, along with love, are strong enough to help you shift your mindset and realize the beauty in everything. Gratitude helps you shift your brain to see opportunity and Light in each person and situation. Allow gratitude to fill your life, even if you feel like you are forcing it. After a while of self-conditioning, it will become a habit and your life after this pandemic will change. The ones that work hard now are the ones that will succeed and prosper in the times to come. Never stop your love, creativity, and gratitude.

You will find your life richer than ever because you invited that outcome through your thanks.

My opinion on why the coronavirus is causing such a worldwide hysteria is due the mastery of the internet, media, social marketing and the way information gets around the world. This is the age of technology. Everyone is connected 100x more than they were in the past which makes the coronavirus top news for as long as people in power want to run it that way. It is not like the internet is going to slow down any time soon. Just roll with it. Trust yourself. Know when what you see and read is truth or fear based. The only thing you can really do is be grateful, stay positive, and protect yourself.

Stay positive and clean. Wash your hands. Drink hot water with lemon. This will blow over just like very other scare the modern world has seen.

Thanks for reading and always may Love, Light, and Abundance hit your life.

-Olivia Tatara

5 things to be grateful for during coronavirus
5 things to be grteful for during coronavirus

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