You are currently viewing A Poem About Fire🔥 from Fire Girl

A Poem About Fire🔥 from Fire Girl

A Poem About Fire🔥 from Fire Girl

A Poem About Fire🔥 from Fire Girl

Hello everyone! Thank you so much for joining me here for inspiration, poetry, and creation! I am here to share with you a poem from my collection of poems Fire Girl.

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I hear you want to control the elements

Listen to me first because fire

Is wild

And it is inside all of us

It starts in the stomach

If not tamed

It burns like acid

If not calmed

It will singe the motherboard of your brain 

And make you crazy

If not spoken to

It will rule you through anger

This is the heat of Mars

It is ours to handle

You never control the fire, 

You work with it

Dance with it

Sing with it

And then it goes where it wants to go 

But that is where you want to go too

Fire is a journey and it has a mind

A spirit of life

And it is light

Dear one,

I know you are here and it makes me very happy

The key is oneness of body and mind


and you will see the beauty of your blaze

Like the glow of the morning Sun

Over the still water

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You can get the kindle version of this book but I do recommend purchasing a hard copy paperback for yourself. This way, you are able to read, re read, and randomly choose poetry and art to fit your day and situation.

I thank you for going on this journey for yourself. Knowing we are all connected and knowing how to bring the body into balance with all the elements will make your life fuller. Fire is powerful and should not be feared or ruled by anger, hate, or illness.

To master fire is Light, Inspiration, and Creation!

Fire Girl by Olivia Tatara

In this book you will find energy poems to spark inspiration in your life as well as energy healing art to your total transofmraiton in whatever you want to manifest. This book has changed my life and has helped me realize the inner drive, passion, and fire within that I have used to make my dreams come true and manifest my reality.

I can tell you right now, I am living my best life! Just like there is balance in the universe and all the elements, you must understand the power you have within. This is the inner fire that is always with you.

Of course, some people glow brighter than others. This is based upon how well you forgive yourself, love yourself, and not care what people say if it is negative.

Use this book Fire Girl as a tool for self realization, protection, inspiration, creativity, and drive to reach your dreams. Never stop believing! Only use this fire for the good of creation 🔥

Love, Olivia

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