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A Real Woman

Heavens Gates by Olivia Tatar

To all girls and women of the world, you must know that you can get through anything. All your experiences, memories, hardships, and smiles matter. Read this page for inspiration whenever you need a boost of confidence!

To be a woman means to have great power🌠

Realize you are truly gifted and you can get very far in life by just being you 💜

You will happier too 🤩

Follow your heart and you will see your life true🌻

Never give up on your dreams and passions ✨

You have the power ⚡

Each moment is your opportunity to change yourself 💝

True freedom comes from within 🌱

You are a great person, forever young and forever beautiful!

Tell that to yourself and shift your brain to gain life’s rewards 🌈
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