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OAT – Olivia Tatara

Inspiration in Your Heart

I am an artist, author, and creator of many things. Welcome to my website: a gateway to many online platforms with unique creative content. Read more about my written creations.

Love is the strongest vibration. Forgiveness sets your heart free. Gratitude enhances your energy. Acceptance unites you to all souls. View Love Haiku.

Love Haiku by Olivia Tatara
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I discover inspiration through connection with the natural world. Practices such as meditation, smiling, breathing, and internal arts allow me find inspiration within my own self. These daily art forms inspire me to live life to the fullest, merged with relaxation and tranquility.

Allow my creations to be a gateway into the beauty within your own true self.

You will find a sense of liberation when viewing my life energy art. Find a piece that attracts to you and smile. Feel the compassion soothe the heart. Allow the color vibration travel into your cells and make them glow in self-healing. With pure creation and loving-kindness, the possibilities are endless. I am here to share my creations with the world. Enjoy.

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