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Olivia Tatara is an intuitive artist, author, and creator. Olivia grew up in VA and now creates in Puerto Rico. She creates spiritual healing artwork to raise your consciousness using her many creative and intuitive abilities. Through the imprints for your own speech and writing, allow Olivia to redesign the universe of your life in an amazing new light for you to realize you are the creator of your own destiny. Olivia can help you connect to your higher self in love and gratitude through her poems, paintings, and audios. (Poetry & Inspiration TIME).

She is the creator of her own Tarot Card system where she can evaluate current influences in your life to clear and strengthen your energy back to the middle line. Olivia works to unlock and enhance the creative energy within each person she comes in contact with. She is the author of many books including Love Haiku, Ho’oponopono Haiku, and The Golden Palm.

As a spiritual influencer, Ho’oponopono teacher, and certified acupressure practitioner, Olivia’s life and creative work inspires all people to live vibrantly, in health, and in complete gratitude to get the most out of this lifetime on planet Earth. Olivia uses many art mediums for expression in art such as canvas art, digital art, prose poetry, audio frequency, haiku poetry, and statue rehabilitation. Olivia is also a yoga and internal arts practitioner in her own health system.

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A message from OAT:

I thank you for being here. It makes me very happy. Please view my works of art with an open mind and compassionate heart. Allow me to be your guide into a world of color and inspiration. I have energy healing original art for sale on my website and prints from all my fine art and photography for you to order online. I also create books and poems to enhance your energy (Learn more about Love Haiku, Cosmic Haiku, Ho’oponopono Haiku and more) . Everything is an art transmission.

My artistic work involves a heightened spiritual awareness to bring the color and joy back into ones life if they forgot how to live vibrantly. We all have those times in life where we think we won’t ever get better or that the struggle will never end. I want my work to ignite a fire that will help you realize you have the power to be creative. Creativity is everywhere and we all have gifts that we can share through art.

I have a bunch of paintings, books, and videos on this site that I have created and compiled for a great artistic experience for you. The poems on this site are meant to touch your heart and open your mind up to the secrets of the universe naturally. The secrets of love, life, happiness, joy, overcoming illness, overcoming with anxiety and depression, can be told through my poetry and art. Life is natural. Allow all things to flow and just let go.

I am so happy that I am artist because I want to share my work with the world to bring about change and shift in consciousness to communities of all cultures. We are all one and anyone can bring color into life. Art speaks for itself. I found bliss by realigning myself with the creative flow of energy in all things. I have my own style. I learn each and every day about life and how to make it beautiful. I know everyone has a gift that they can feel passionate about. Its all about unlocking that within yourself.

My goal is for my art and words to inspire all to understand we are one. Everything is connected. You have true love and power within you. You are a manifestor and creator of your own reality and destiny. Allow no one to take your power or breath from you. Express yourself, even when it is hard. Never allow anyone to put you down. It is up to you what you allow in your life and what you allow in your brain. Thank you for being here with me today. I love you so much. Keep spreading the love. That is a huge key to the universe. (Cosmic Haiku)

Love, OAT

Olivia A. Tatara

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