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Art Clearing / Art Healing with 10K Yuj Manifestation Beyond

10K Yuj Manifestation Beyond Call 🌟 Every Wednesday at 8:00 PM EST

Call in Number: (602) 580-9708

Access Code: 3060900#

Manifest your dream life and create your own destiny.

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Welcome. 10K Yuj Manifestation Beyond is a free call to enhance your well being and unlock the path to the inner self allowing your soul to recognize yourself. We will have lecture, meditation, techniques, healing, readings, and online retreats to help you manifest and create your life in love. We use our 10K Yuj Tarot deck for art clearing and healing.

It is never to late to make a change in your life. Read more about the 10K Yuj Manifestation Beyond Call below.

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More about 10K Yuj Manifestation Beyond Free Psychic Reading Call – Free Spiritual Healing Call – Free Art Transmission Call – Manifestation Call –

We welcome you to a weekly free experience that can change your life. Raise your vibration and enhance your manifestation. Let us come together on an frequency of love and gratitude.

Yuj means to unite together as one in true harmony and balance.

Translate this into your life each week and watch life transform. Enhance your practice. Change your life one day at a time. We love you.

We will teach you beyond the words and identities of psychic, medium, sensitive, and others. Everything is energy. Thank you.

Tune in each week where we talk about manifestation, techniques, meditation, internal healing, spiritual protection, energy strengthening and more.

We will take live callers each week to assist you in manifestation in your own life and to discuss any questions or life concerns you may have. We will give you energy art healing cards from our 10K Yuj Tarot deck to provide art transmission. This art transmission will help spark creativity in your life.

Brought to you by the founders of 10K Yuj Tarot and Surya Sol Sun, OAT and Yaakov.

Learn more about the healing artwork of the 10K Yuj Tarot.

Hosted by OAT and Yaakov

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