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Energy Panting

Art is energy. Energy is everything. Art is in everything. This is the collection of abstract paintings from various years, in a variety of sizes, with many different mediums. The represent emotions, situations, life, family, death, magic, the universe, cosmic, energy, and everything. Enjoy the vibrancy of every day. All originals here are sold. These […]

PRIMAL by Olivia Tatara Digital Art


  Digital art and computer editing has always held a special place in my heart. From web design to photo editing, the limits are as endless as the mind. There must be infinite imagination. This collection’s art was used for a variety of purposes throughout my life and career. They have been printed on tiles, […]

Olivia Tatara 2017 All Right Reserved Lotus Collection 9

Lotus Flowers

Lotus Flower Collection – SOLD   The lotus flower is the epitome of transformation and beauty. I have dedicated a collection of art to the lotus flower and all its glory. May your receive everlasting peace and serenity from the work. All originals here are sold. Please enjoy the prints. Please use the contact form […]

Sacred Script by Olivia Tatara

Sacred Script

Simplicity is one of the major keys to life. There is magic and beauty all around. The world is full of endless shapes, angels, codes, and symbols that go unnoticed by most people. Use these sacred scripts to attune yourself to the simpleness of life. Breath and let go. Be free and natural.

The Omnipresent Ambiance Teaching 2 by Olivia Tatara

The Omnipresent Ambiance Teaching 1 & 2

The Omnipresent Ambiance Teaching 1 & 2 – ORIGINALS AVAILABLE   The tree of life is sacred. It is the symbol of life, death, growth, being, and the universe. Life is every where and in everything you see. Every aspect of nature has a universe in it: trees, rocks, flowers, grass, water, and wind. Everything […]

Art by Olivia Tatara ho'oponopono

The Magic of Ho’oponopono

I love you. Please forgive me. I’m sorry. Thank you. These words are beautiful, magical, and they work if you believe in yourself. Let go of everything and just live. Live for yourself. Live to love. Love to live. Heal yourself everyday through these 4 phrases. Watch your life change. Please listen to this amazing […]

Digital by Olivia Tatara

Sri Yantra

Man’s spiritual journey from the stage of material existence to ultimate enlightenment is mapped on the Sri Yantra. The Sri Yantra is a tool to give a vision of the totality of existence, so that the adept may internalize its symbols for the ultimate realization of his unity with the cosmos. The goal of contemplating […]

olivia tatara corgi kitty

Spirit Animals

We all connect to animals on some sort of level. It is very important to care for animals as they are reflections of ourselves. You have to know that animals are here to help us. They are guides and must be treated with love and care. Dogs make great companions and cats are great for […]

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