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Linking the virtual world to the real world. – © Artcestral NFT Fine Art Sale

Please check the descriptions of each NFT to see the minted info and custom NFT meaning. This is where you can purchase NFT fine art online from the Artists of ©Artcestral and more.

©Artcestral Fine Art and associated artists define the meaning of bringing digital art into the real world for living value. Artcestral is the bridge between art in the digital and art that can change your life in real life. We are creating the real world with NFT originals sold by the Artist itself. About Artcestral Fine Art NFT Learn more.

View Artcestral NFT:

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About ©Artcestral NFTs:

All NFT by ©Artcestral are One of a Kind. Very Rare. 1/1. NFT. Some are specified in collections.

All NFT art by ©Artcestral are one of a kind and not located anywhere else on digital gateways. (1 Exception(s))

The only NFT (as of now) that is available on real-world gateways is the Ancient Olmec Sun Ho’oponopono Healing Art.

These are NFTs that change lives because of the meaning behind the art.

We are all about color and creativity. Take the Art of ©Artcestral artists to the next level with these only available as NFT characters for vibrational cosmic centering of your highest being. ©Artcestral is about healing the ancestral path with art, color, and vibration. 

View the Ancient Olmec Sun fine art painting/print here. 

View and purchase real world art from all Artcestral Artists.

Thank you and we love you.

Meet the Artists:

Olivia Tatara:


© Olivia Tatara OAT

© Yaakov Healing Art

© Artcestral