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Celestial Energy Art

Celestial Energy Art by Olivia Tatara

Creativity is one of the highest forms of energy along with the stars.

Allow your spirit to connect to the stars.

The cosmos is infinite. So are you.

“We are all divine. Connect to the cosmos by breathing into yourself with love. Its that simple. The real trick is knowing how to channel that power.”

Olivia Tatara
Celestial energy art online

About Energy Art:

Art is truly amazing. It has a very unique ability to change people just by a look. Art heals someone by raising the life force energy naturally within a person through good intention. Human creativity is linked to how we feel about ourselves and how we perceive life.

Energy is truly amazing. It is important to realize that I am energy and so are you. The computer and phone you are using is energy and that energy is connected to the internet which is energy. That energy combines energies from all over the world and connect us all. We are all connected by energy. This is because there is a truly vibrant energy within every single human being. This is a life force energy.

My energy art is unique and tell stories. They may represent emotions, situations, love, life, family, transformation, magic, the universe, the cosmos, aura energy, and everything. Enjoy the vibrancy of every day. All original celestial energy art on this page are sold. Some are available as NFT fine art for you to download the energy through your digital platform. Allow the energy to flow through many ways for you to get inspired to live your life.

These celestial energy paintings represent the energy and love that fills the universe! Connect to the divine and reach for the inner star you have inside. Unlock that blue star seed that is fueled by the truest love you have inside of you. These paintings will surely enhance your energy to the highest and most holiest Light. Connect to the Source of all that is inside of you. Find one that attracts to you. Each master piece is personalized for the individual.

Each piece is unique and cannot be replicated. They are special in its entire form. Each celestial energy art painting is unique to the special person who chooses to purchase it. When you buy and energy art piece, it connects to you on physical, emotional, and energetic level, as you were meant to connect to it.

Art has great healing power. Discover it for yourself and experience my high vibrational energy art to enhance you in your life.

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