You are currently viewing Custom Energy Healing Art Paintings From Healing Artists

Custom Energy Healing Art Paintings From Healing Artists

Custom Energy Healing Art

by @yaakovhealingart and @oliviatatara

Energy Art is our form of art that promotes creative flow to open you to a higher consciousness only meant for those people who are ready. Please understand, readiness is always there when you decided to take action and choose direction in life.

Allow us to say our Energy Art, through various creative and artistic medium (in this case paint and elements), is Energy Healing Art due to the neutral vibrations each specific painting is aligned with. Read more about Energy Art.





Energy Art by Olivia Tatara and other Healing Artists

About Energy Healing Art Creation from the Artists

by @yaakovhealingart and @oliviatatara

Through the Healing Artists, OAT and Yaakov’s, inner self expression of this word called God, Universe, Source etc, the artists are able to not only see but feel the heat, texture, the fear, the love, the cold, the hurt, etc. of others or self inflicted frequencies.

Once they see, they do not say they are going to change. The artists go into a statement <as in heaven, so on earth>. Through the art, the paint in various color vibrations of healing and creative frequencies cleanse the space, your energy, their energy, and everything in the vicinity of the art creation.

The Art is then Transformed on paper that creates a fire that burns inside without harm. This painting and the essence goes beyond the words good or bad, as that can only make you happy or sad. The painting is created specifically for your need from the hearts of the artists.

All the work from lifetimes of healing and artistic creation have lead to a point of service that can aid all who are looking for healing through art and other holistic healing mediums.

When you come to us, we ask you for a picture of you or whoever the painting is for. Please understand that it is not for you to pick what is going to be created for you as that created a lot of issues in life.

Whatever the frequency is that is needed, it will be revealed to the artists and painted. Every Energy Healing Art Painting is One of a kind.

If you would like a one of a kind energy healing painting that no one else has in this world, Custom Energy Healing Art Starts off at $1500 and up. THIS PRICE IS FOR A LIMITED TIME. Each art contract is catered to the individuals needs.

If for any reason you are wanting one of the energy art paintings but cannot accept this service at this point in time, you can actually purchase prints of all healing art online. The prints are our basic healing art for various topics and generic that can still work for all. Any art creation will work for anyone, but with our third part printing system on you are able to choose the best fit for your space. Everything is just a click away. Shop online now.

Disclaimer: Please understand that we are not doctors or psychiatrists and we are not responsible in any way. If this is an emergency please contact your local emergency departments and see your primary healthcare practitioner.

Complete the form if you are interested in a custom Energy Healing Art Piece by Healing Artists. Please leave your phone number for contact:

Please view more original art and healing poetry online:

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