About Energy Healing Art by OAT – Abstract Aura Energy Paintings

I paint Energy Healing Art Masterpieces for people to transform their lives, spark inspiration, feel true love, balance energy, and align to their higher selves. I do a variety of topics for Energy Healing Art but my most common Energy Healing Art painting for the individual is an abstract aura energy painting. Each painting comes out unique depending on the energy of the individual.

In this painting, you send me a picture of you and I will paint your energy in vibrant colors and patterns. You are able to meditate on this painting to naturally clean you from data and get back to 0 level. You will also get a detailed description of the painting that you are able to read and re-read as and energy letter to balance and clear you.

Base pricing and size for a custom Energy Art Paiting is $125 via Paypal for a 8 in x 10 in panel. Other sizes/prices are upon personal inquiry.

All my books and energy paintings are tools to bring you back to the creative flow of the universe.

Flow through your life with joy and ease with the power of art and creativity we all share!

Contact for more information about custom work.