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Describing One Meditation Experience

From the Desk and Soul of Olivia Tatara – OAT

Meditation teaches me something profound.

Many profound things have been awakened in my being.

In the stillness, there is everything.

In the silence, there is everything.

There is also nothing. The balance of everything and nothing and sitting in it makes you feel.

It is not the suffering. It is the learning. It is the soul journey.

It is not the art. It is the artist creating.

It is not the painting. It is the meaning behind the painting. The energy you feel when you look at the painting.

It is not the tech. It is the miracles tech provides. Real feelings.

It not the intuition. It is what you can use your intuition for. Service to the world in whatever field you desire.

It is about inspiration. It is about creation.

It is not death. It is not life. It is accepting yourself throughout this journey.

The balance of knowing I am in the body. I am not the body. I am a light. I am a spirit animating this body.

I take care of my body. I allow my mind to work with me.

So, it is about loving the body. It is about loving the mind.

It is knowing and not knowing.

Learning and teaching.


Why am I here? What is the meaning of life? What is the meaning of my life?

Love is the key. Love is the answer. Expression is strength.

When you are expressing love, nothing can waver.

It is possible to live long life without love; but love is the purpose of human life.

You will live many lifetimes to learn this thing called love. If you feel it and know it in this life, cherish the gift of interaction.

So reflect. Then let go. Appreciate each being of life.

Love everyone and everything.

Tell the truth.

Create your life with love.

Meditation can help you realize many things.

To know yourself is a lifelong journey.

Be at once on all planes.

Be yourself.


The realness is in

the heart of a genius soul

Reality is.

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