Custom design for home, business, and online for whatever your goals and needs are.

Custom Art for home and business.

How to book a consultation:

What I do:

  1. Listen to what you are looking for and what you like
  2. See your space to get a feel for the area and brainstorm art topics
  3. Ask you to tell me different things that make you happy
  4. Provide paintings custom according to your needs and space atmosphere

My basic consulting fee is $369. If you go with me and purchase the art, that consultation fee will come off of any paintings you decide to purchase. You have 30 days to come back after the consulting for that deal to be available.

If someone is not able to relax, is sick, or suffering from any emotional trauma, I provide custom artwork to relax and release any stresses from a space, which releases this from your life.

If a restaurant or a business is looking for art for a party or a special night, you are able to rent the artwork. Upon availability.