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Expect Respect

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You are special. You are Light.

Everyone is different because you were born into this world from the DNA and energy of two people. When you came out of your mother’s womb, something in the air had to hit you and change the programming you had from both your mother and father.

You are an individual.

You are unique in every way.

You are even more than your DNA.

You are not good and you are not bad.

You are pure energy.

It is through life, past life trauma, and society that we are molded and programmed, mind, body, and spirit. Break the cycle. Break the chains.

You are not your past and memory of experiences.

Stop going with the crowds if you really don’t want to conform. You have a choice to step out, step up, and be you every moment of each life. Yes, this journey is hard. Why would it be easy? Love yourself and be true to you. Realize in life that everyone is your teacher. You are also everyone’s teacher.

So just show yourself some respect. Then you can expect respect from others.

With Love, Light, and Fire