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Fire Girl by Olivia Tatara

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Hello all!

The newest poetry book is out: Fire Girl by Olivia Tatara. Get ready to let go with me and feel the poetry fly off the page and spark creation in your life.

Fire Girl by Olivia Tatara

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Unlock your burning passions, desires of life, and the beauty inside of you. Know that true freedom exists from within and you have the power to make your dreams come true. This “hot” collection of poetry is sure to bring out your inner drive and inspire all people (men, women, boys, and girls) to let go of the past and blaze a beautiful path for the future.

Being proud of your existence never felt so good. Letting go never felt so right.

Here is a sneak peak poem from Fire Girl:


Like the dancing flame
You are beauty

You are so beautiful that
The stars at night sing
For your Light to shine

You are so beautiful
That the Sun rises to see your beautiful face
Each morning

You are so beautiful that
Your heart
Glows from every hardship you had to endure

You are so beautiful that even though
You know you have achieved
You still desire more

What I admire the most about you is your everlasting beauty

Thank you for sharing your desire and
showing me to feed my fire
with peace, smiles, laughter, and

If you wish to see true beauty
Then just look in the mirror

And best of all
The burning inspiration in your eyes that
Makes me realize that I
Inspire myself

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