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Ho’oponopono Haiku : Haiku for Self Healing

Colors of Ho'oponopono by Oat Olivia Tatara

Welcome all. I thank you for finding your way to this website. Please experience a creation of mine. It is time for the world to experience Ho’oponopono Haiku.

NOTE: This webpage has pertinent information about Ho’oponopono Haiku and the background so please read the whole article. If you cannot hold your excitement for the book, you can purchase it right away here.

Whether you are a seasoned practitioner of Ho’oponopono, fairly new to the practice of Ho’oponopono, or have never heard of Ho’oponopono before in your life, allow this book and its content to touch your heart and transform your life just by reading.

If you love reading and poetry, allow my haiku to spark inspiration and creation in your life by bringing you back to you. You are a wellspring of everything you desire in your life.

This is Ho’oponopono Haiku: Haiku poems for healing the self. Be mesmerized by the vibrations of your own heart. Haiku is complexity and simplicity working in perfect harmony. The beat of haiku is the rhythm of life. It is the movement your soul needs to feel at home in a dissonant universe.

Life is very simple. Breathe and all will be fine.

Allow the breath and words in this book to sweep you clean. This is a book of you.

The lit path to inner transformation is one haiku away.

You are ready for it! Feel new. Feel you.

From the Author of Ho’oponopono Haiku

This book has been a blessing for me to compile. Everything I have learned so far about the meaning of Ho’oponopono and self healing from my own experiences are transformed into haiku poetry to make you feel something instantly. You may be able to relate to my descriptions and use them as tools to transform your life each moment.

Life is very precious and it needs to be respected and rejoiced. Ho’oponopono Haiku is a book that reads YOU. You will smile, laugh, cry, snicker, rejoice, feel energized, get angry, feel upset, and experience your past. This book is a tool in letting go and being in the moment. Allow your body and mind to go back to the simplicity of being and breath.

Ho’oponopono Haiku is meant for everyone. Ho’oponopono Haiku is meant to be read over and over and over again. Ho’oponopono Haiku was created to share the light, love, and truth that is inherently in all of us. Life is about experience. Experience Ho’oponopono Haiku and journey to the next level.

Thank you. I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you.

My vision is for the world to experience the magic of Ho’oponopono through each and every person that has learned something about healing their own selves. No one can do this true healing for you. You have the power. Feel it ignite with Ho’oponopono Haiku.

Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon,