Allow the words, phrases, and Energy of Ho’oponopono to show through your whole being.





There are many ways to experience this ancestral healing of going into your own spirit and finding the truth.

I provide a gateway to your own creativity and inspiration through my colorful creations. Please view more below.

This essence is beyond just the name. It is a full life experience, moment by moment. How you speak to yourself has true power.

Give yourself the respect you deserve. Give others respect of life without judgement or preconceptions from past experiences.

Allow the power of Ho’oponopono to shine through the eyes of all that are ready to truly experience life.

My name is Olivia Tatara and I create Ho’oponopono Healing Art for all to experience the magic of nature within themselves. My gifts of healing painting and creative manifestation through art, movement, and speech are here for you to view so you are inspired to create life. You must face everything and learn to let go.

I have my Ho’oponopono healing art painting prints in the online store.

There are videos and podcast episodes for you to view to feel the vibrations of your own heart.

Fill your space with true love and light with Ho’oponopono Healing Art by OAT 🌈


Ho’oponopono Healing Art

Ho’oponopono Heart Rainbow Energy Painting: Buy Now

Ho’oponopono Sun

Love Haiku: Buy Now

Ho’oponopono Haiku: Buy Now

The Golden Palm: Buy Now

Contact for custom healing paintings.

Poetry and Inspiration Time with Olivia Tatara

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