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Lightning Stories – Fire Girl

Looking into this art piece, I was struck by the soft fire that blended like clouds in desert sky. This was inspired by the way we are all interconnected and we can attune ourselves thru simple acts of creativity on a level that is individual to each soul.

Actions of creation light up your brain into new pathways of neuron energy travel. Create new habits and paths for self healing and rejuvenation. Your brain will light up like lightning and inspiration. And it will feel good.

Lightning Stories from Fire Girl

Lightning Stories by Olivia Tatara fire girl by olivia tatara

Everyday Life

When your mind opens you will see and say:

I am in a galaxy of shattered dreams

in an ocean of broken hearts

in a sky of tangled minds

in a land of anger and hatred

in a universe of   harmonious discord

I watch all the bodies walking with cells that are creating and recreating habits of generational restraints

I see people succeeding, failing, and flailing in the lives they live 

Give to receive and receive to give

Just breathe



I am at peace within myself

No one can take my breath from me

The door is already open

Where do you want to go?

If I were to tell you where it leads

You would surely not believe me

Until you experience it for 


fire-girl-promotion fire girl by olivia tatara

To understand the meaning of Fire Girl is beyond words.You must choose to feel. This book is meant to extend your inner light to shine through every aspect of your life. It’s time to understand that you are the maker, doer, and observer of every aspect of your life. That is where you need to be in order to receive all good things life wants to offer you. Free yourself and understand that you matter, because matter is everywhere.

The goal for this poetic collection is for everyone to feel each poem is written for them in their hearts because it is written for you. We are all connected in some way. Feel the energy through the words and allow it to show you the way on whatever path is correct for you. Let go of the past and blaze a beautiful path for the future.

I thank you for joining me on this journey. May you be blessed always.