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Moment – Ho’oponopono Haiku

The Moment Hooponopono haiku by olivia tatara

Moment Haiku from Ho’oponopono Haiku

Learn from every experience and let it go. Just like how the wind whispers and then flows away. What would you rather do with all your memories? You can either bottle them up inside and live in illusions or remember, love, and let them go. It sucks to be stuck in the past having emotions for people, places, things, and situations that do not exist anymore. Breathe.

Don’t even stress about the future when you don’t know what it is going to hold. Remember that your life can change in an instant. To live in this moment is to breathe and know you are here. To live is to be truly grateful for everything in your life. Breathe in love for life.

You are beautiful, gifted, and powerful when you breathe in love. Learn from everyone in your life.

You are not the mind. You are not even the body. Therefore you can stand. Stand in you and love yourself always.

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Each moment is a gift. That is why it is called the present 🎁⚡🔥💝😊
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