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More Love Haiku – Book of Haiku Poems

I think everyone needs more love in their lives. Its time to spread it no matter what has happened to you. I thank those that are touched by my words and feel my heart. This book of poetry is a reflection of the highest point of love and sweetest part of your heart. We are all connected in some way.

Let me share this with you.

This book has shaped my life and changed my future. This book opened my heart to give me all my desires, wants, wishes, and show me my life possibilities in this world. It opened my eyes to the true love in the universe. It is the love that is inside each one of us.

I invite you to embark upon a wonderful journey of zen poetry and healing inside 100 or so pages.

I am here and I am in love. In love with life. In love with myself. In love with my home. In love with my wonderful mate.

Life is changing everyday. I choose to live it in love. Love is so powerful and can penetrate everything hateful, gossip, karma, thoughts of shame, guilt and uneasiness, nervousness, and jealousy.

Let me tell you from experience that this book will clear you from all this. Ultimately, it is up to you to change. If you want the easiest way to begin a change, you just have to read and feel the words for yourself.

Just let life happen and believe in yourself.

Purchase Love Haiku today. It is for you and for all the hearts in the world. My dream is to open the hearts so everyone can be free of heartache and experience love without boundaries and judgements.

I can tolerate the hate, but there is not love and hate together in life. That is called madness.

I choose to be in love everyday and see Light.

I hope you enjoy. There is love everywhere. Once you realize that, you will truly be free.

Purchase Love Haiku today its $16.95

Give a gift to yourself or someone you love.