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No One Can Take Your Strength With Ho’oponopono

no one can take your strenght by Olivia Tatara


No One Can Take Your Strength with Ho’oponopono

I have been in front of too many people in my life that have wanted to control me and make me feel small or inferior. Sometimes they even gave me a false sense of control which really put me down even more. I see this happening everywhere in life to many different people.

They wanted to suck my good energy because they did not feel fulfilled with themselves. These repercussions in my young adult life are immediately correlated to how I was as a child. I have always been a happy person, even when I had anxiety as a kid. I realized that I was deeply depressed as well in my youth. Reflecting about my past with Ho’oponpono, I began to go through various emotions and ask God why I was blessed with such blocks. I have realized that everyone goes through what they go through in life to have the opportunity to share, teach, and forever heal the self.

We all go through things we cannot explain. I believe that every human being is paranoid schizophrenic, depressed, and anxious to some extent. To label someone as this to make them feel inferior is just the way society is. However, some can control it more than others which is why you see business men and women with big money still having health issues and relationship problems.

Why is that?

Who am I to have a speck of clarity on this topic?

It all comes down to 4 things: Love, Responsibility, Forgiveness, & Gratitude

hopoponpono art by olivia tatara


Not all people have woken up and realized love. The one’s who have, it is a struggle each and ever day to constantly apply this ancient magic. Love is the most powerful thing in the universe and it is inside all of us and is always available. The truth its, no one can take your strength or deplete you of your energy when you are filled with love. You have a direct connection to the Source at all times. Negative thoughts and feeling of guilt, anger, jealousy, envy, and spite cut your flow from the Source. This Source is your higher self. All your dreams, desires, and love is already fulfilled in your higher self. All the abundance, prosperity, acceptance, money, wealth, love, and fame can be attained in your reality when you realize your own strength and inner love inside of you. We constantly cut ourselves off from the flow because our environment and human influence.

The endless ebb and flow of Source connection is something that never goes away in life. Its confusing and makes us question our beliefs all the time. It is a fight between good and bad, or so people think; but there is no good and bad. There is just space and what you do with that space is up to you. Are you going to sit in the space and breathe or fill it up with nonsense?

People feel they need to fill this space with material things, sex, and false realities of depression and anxiety; This is what society has made people to be. Its not anyone’s fault but false conditioning from the past and experiences that shape our perceptions. We are all victims of this, but we are not victims. We victimize ourselves and then blame others that they deplete us and take our strength. We always have the connection to our higher selves. All the money, love, strength, and peace is already inside of you. That is all just frequency. Align yourself to the correct frequency where you attract miracles and all good things. This starts with abandoning the negative self talk. Love yourself and you will never have to search for love again.

I’m Sorry. Forgive Me. Thank You. I love you. Life.


I have learned that no one can shape your reality. You must do that on your own. If you think there are people in control of you, then look inside yourself, stop blaming, and take responsibility.

You are in charge of your own reality. You make the rules. You can be who you want and feel what you want. Some people live in a hell of emotions and trauma and others rise above to realize themselves in all their glory. There are also some people in between who are “ok with the way things are” and those that are “hanging in there”.

Never forget that to live is to live fully. Control yourself, be aware of your thoughts and your reality will surely change. Thoughts are in your mind and they can manifest into your reality with enough emotion and focus. You are not the body and you are not even the mind.


Throughout my life, I have encountered people who have wanted to take my strength and put me down to comply to them. Business, school, sports, and even family people condescend and think you are no good at times because they are out of control in their own bodies, minds, and lives. We all go through it. Maybe some of you even do it to people. Its not your fault and its not their fault. People are just reacting to how they have been treated in the past and how they failed and succeeded in the past. Most people live in the past and this causes pain. You need to forgive. Forgive others for harming you and putting you in trauma. If you cannot do that then forgive yourself for them because when you feel true forgiveness for you and your own life, then you are healing.

There is no need to be mad at the people who caused you harm. They were in your life for a reason. They were in your experience to teach you something. They teach you how to overcome these situations for the future so you can grow. No one can tell you how to be, what to do, or how to think. You make your own destiny and you should always follow your heart. Forgive, love, accept and be thankful. Only then can we really achieve our heart’s desires.

AFFIRM THIS: I am living my desire now because I have a strength and fire inside of me that no one can extinguish and manipulate anymore.

Sacred Script by Olivia Tatara


It is important to be grateful for each and every day. Ideally, make it a habit to thank God for life when you wake up each morning. Make a habit of being grateful for everything you have in your life. You have no idea how much of a blessing that is. Someone people don’t get to experience many of the things you have.

Be grateful for breathe and every good thing in your life. When you are feeling low, gratitude will help you realize the blessings all around. Whatever you are going through, you will get through it. No matter how you feel, it will pass. Material things will come and go and people you once knew will fade away into memory. This is life. Be grateful you are living and make the most of life. The only constant in life is what you provide yourself on the inside and know that change is happening. The strength, love, peace, and comfort you are looking for you will never truly find externally. Yes people can provide us these life luxuries but they will be ephemeral.

Everything you want is inside of you. Don’t rely on anyone for anything because that will lead to sadness. Yes, there are certain things a soulmate can give, but that will never be enough if you are not happy within yourself and satisfied within yourself. Everything happens for a reason and you are a strong person for surviving it all. I feel you. Now go achieve more, for you and only you.

Love and blessings to you and know you have strength no matter what you do or who you are. This post was embedded with Ho’oponopono through my experience and how people have impacted and helped me in my life.

I am so grateful for all of my mentors that have helped me see the Light within. May the Light always shine within you. If you are connected to Ho’oponopono and understand the healing properties, please view my book for self healing, Ho’oponopono Haiku. It will sure be an amazing addition to your collection.

The last focus I want to touch upon is breath. You must always focus on your breath because that is life. It is your life force and where everything falls into place. Life happens in the instant. Don’t let life pass you by.

Thank you so much for reading this article and I hope it helped you realize the power within!

Love Olivia