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Olivia Tatara – Energy Art – Poetry – Artist – Author

Infinite Sun by Olivia Tatara

About Olivia Tatara


Hello Everyone! My name is Olivia Tatara.

I am an author and artist. I know you will enjoy my work and what I have to offer you in the realm of creativity and inspiration. Allow my art to spark color and vibrancy in your life. I have a passion for painting and composing poetry. I am an author of over 5 books that are filled with my art and words to bring you to state of clarity, creativity, and total inspiration that you are able to apply to YOUR life effortlessly.

I know you will feel something when viewing my art. My paintings are energy art paintings that contain the highest vibrations and frequencies of color, light and love. Look at the art, breathe, and pay attention to your body. You will notice dramatic changes taking place right before you in time. Allow me to share my gift of creativity with you. We are all creative. We are all teachers to each other. Life is colorful and beautiful.

Thank you for joining me on the Found Myself community. This website has been a blessings and from each painting sold, a percentage goes back to fulfilling this community where artists and connoisseurs can connect organically.

Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing a one of a kind art masterpiece by me, OAT. Please view my original art masterpieces currently for sale in my gallery.

If you would like to experience a custom energy art painting, contact me and I am able to create a custom masterpiece for your space.

Colors of Love by Olivia Tatara Art by OAT
Colors of Love by OAT

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Thank you and I look forward to connecting with you. Please enjoy!

– Olivia