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Olivia Tatara Interview Awakened Women Self Care Podcast

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awkaned women self care podcast Olivia Tatara

Olivia Tatara on the Awakened Women Self Care Podcast

Awwakend Woman Self Care podcast Olivia Tatara

Episode 032 Olivia Tatara

Olivia Tatara on Awakened Women Self Care Podcast

Olivia Tatara is an artist, author, and intuitive. She says she experiences peace by helping people on their life path awaken and discover new things about themselves in love. She has published three books, Love Haiku , Cosmic Haiku, Ho’oponopono Haiku and already has more on the way!

Hooponopono Haiku by Olivia Tatara
Ho’oponopono Haiku

About Olivia Tatara and Haiku.

Haiku is a simple yet intense form of poetry that captivates the reader into the unknown of creativity and self discovery. Haiku composition and recitation has been practiced for centuries due to its amazing healing properties and Zen characteristics. Haiku allows the reader and composer to be fully in the moment when experiencing the beauty and simplicity life has to offer.

As Liv says, “I am inspired everyday by art. Art and expression comes in many forms and I believe that everyone has the potential to unlock their dream life, eternal happiness, and miracle body that is available to them at all times. Haiku is simple and allows you to feel your perfect self. This all starts with self love and thinking positive at all times, even if it is hard.

We ultimately send out the vibrations that we want to attract into our life. My books aim to immediately shift your vibration to bring what you want into your reality. I have a very high vibrating energy and it is my job to share and awaken others, especially women, through my poetry and art. Allow my Haiku to heal your heart and soul and make you view the world in ways imaginable. I have various books available that will activate your energy and allow you to feel amazing in yourself.”

Olivia has been mediating and intensely learning about her own spirituality for about 4 years.

In this episode, Olivia shares how much she has opened to and brought into the world—made all the more amazing by her youth. She talks with us about following the prompts of spirit to create and share your unique gifts with the world, and how this is divine self care.

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