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Practicing Ho’oponopono For Healing

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About the Healing Practice of Ho’oponopono

Ho’oponopono Background

Unity Understanding

Enhancing Your Meditation Practice

My True Ho’oponopono Understanding

Ho’oponopono Haiku

Ho’oponopono Healing Art Video

Ho’oponopono Healing Art by Olivia Tatara

About the Healing Practice of Ho’oponopono

The practice of Ho’oponopono is ancient. It roots from Hawaiian culture and is a tradition to come to harmonious solutions and understandings between families and communities. The importance of internal and external problem solving helped the practice of Ho’oponopono transform into the new age and spiritual realm in all practices of self healing. In our modern times, this concept has been simplified into 4 healing phrases people use as mantras for self healing. The Ho’oponopono Statements in English are:

I love you.

Please forgive Me.

I am sorry.

Thank you.

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NFT Fine Art Ho’oponopno Healing Artwork

This practice of Ho’oponopono is great for everyone. The benefits in your life are limitless and this is has to do with divine inspiration and translation into your life. Ho’oponopono can aid you in all aspects of your life by putting you fully in the present moment:

Revealing your life path and purpose

Promoting Harmonious Relationships (Self, Family, Intimate, etc)

Enhancing Self Healing

Journeying / Spiritual Transformation

Clarity in Business, Career, and Social interactions

Enhancing Creative Inspiration

Improve Mood

Aid Alternative Healing Practices

Mental, Physical, and Emotional Peace

and more

The magic of Ho’oponopono happens in a way where you do not need to involve any one. You can do it on your own and receive miraculous healing benefits. You also get to view the changes happening in your life. Through practicing this over time, and sometimes instantly, inspiration can flow into your life with grace and ease. This is pertinent when experiencing the creative flow of energy which makes up everything. It is your responsibility to humanity to translate this into your own life through inner and outer transformation.

Ho’oponopono Background

Morna Simeona, along with many other influential leaders popularized the practice of Ho’oponopono Healing in the mainstream world. She applied her technique through healing with words and also through the art of massage.

Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len and one of his famous stories also brought a new light to the modern/ancient powers of Ho’oponopono Healing practice. The story goes that Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len cured an entire ward of mentally ill patients just by practicing this mantra in his office. He did not see any patient personally but had the opportunity to practice the Ho’oponopono Healing mantra on himself while having the files of each patient. The patient began to show signs of improvement, healed, and they eventually had to close the ward.

Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len stated that he worked on himself by repeating Ho’oponopono, conscious breathing, and meditation. He said he took responsibility for these patients by asking the question to himself, “What is going on in me that I am creating this experience?” This inner reflection allows the flow of energy with realization that you have power to change yourself. This is turn changes those around us. By taking responsibility, forgiving and loving himself and these patients, Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len was able to bring healing to them and himself.

There are many practitioners and teachers of this healing practice all over the world. A focus is to find the balance of incorporating the energy of Ho’oponopono in your own healing practice. Read about Ho’oponopono Energy Art by Olivia Tatara.

Unity Understanding

Ho’oponopono practice is to help you feel and understand the unity of all things. This is true divine connection. Everything and everyone is one being. We all, as sentient beings, have to take responsibility for the world we created. We are all manifestors and we are all gifted. It is also understanding that everything happens for a reason in life for you to release any old memories and clear karma in this lifetime. This is an essence of Ho’oponopono Healing. Another way to say it is cleaning your internal database which is your body, brain, and spine to be a vessel for inspiration to flow.

Through all our lives as human beings, we have collected data from past experiences that determine how we act and perceive people and situations around us. We are programmed from an early age with ways of thinking and values from our families and those who taught us. These imprints leave the subconscious mind cluttered with predetermined judgements, feelings, and emotions that tend to run our lives and alter our perceptions of life circumstance. Predetermined attitudes also effect how we view ourselves and the potential for our own spiritual growth. Through practicing the mantra of Ho’oponopono, life transforms. It is an internal change within you that changes the world and people around you.

There is much more practice to this ancient healing power than just reciting the phrases. However, as soon as you begin to understand and practice the magic words to yourself in your meditaiton practice (and each moment), your life changes. Those around you also begin to shift from the change in your vibration. It is really something to experience for yourself by beginning and/or enhancing your practice.

Enhancing Your Meditation Practice with Ho’oponopono

I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you. – Vibrations of Acceptance, Forgiveness, Gratitude, and Love

These statements and the vibrations they attune your energy to hold incredible power. Repeating these phrases our loud or in your head activate an amazing healing power within and this spreads into the world around you. Through constant practice of these mantras, you will clear any emotional, psychical, and spiritual aspects of your life over time. There is much more to understanding these phrases than just repeating them as you will see through the many books, classes, and seminars about Ho’oponopono. The real trick is applying them to your own life and watching your attitude, people around you, and opportunities transform.

There are many ways you can practice the healing art of Ho’oponopono. The founders and other Ho’oponopono Leaders teach a technique that I use on a regular basis in all my art, books, and self healing practices.

This technique is reciting this in your mind and even out loud constantly. This makes the phrases and repetition of the self healing on every level of daily existence. You can achieve this on a subconscious level by “teaching” your inner child to recite Ho’oponopono even when you are no consciously doing so. This is a type of subconscious reprogramming to be repeated so it becomes a habit.

Technology is an amazing asset which gives human beings an upper hand when working to change the self. Audios, videos, and moving images can be used to enhacen yuor self healing practice. Check out my Ho’oponopono Healing Art Playlist on YouTube for more info.

You can also listen to Ho’oponopono phrases repeating as affirmations for you to reprogram your subconscious mind to love and gratitude yourself. I have a few recorded versions of this on my podcast, Poetry & Inspiration TIME, for you to listen and feel the voice frequency of love and gratitude with Ho’oponopono.

Gratitude Now – Enhance the thankful vibes in your life!

Ho’oponopono Affirmations

Below is one inner child healing meditation proctored by Dr. Hew Len that can aid in your practice. This 15 minutes inner child healing meditation practice can be repeated on a daily basis to establish a strong connection with your inner child.

My True Ho’oponopono Understanding

Ho’oponopono helped me personally change many habits I accumulated over the years. Finding a meditation practice helped me let go of pent up nervousness, anger, and fear on the heart and my other systems. Mantras of Ho’oponopono helped me understand and let go of past life memories and experiences I did not understand while going through them. Along with other creative outlets, integrating Ho’oponopono words and vibrations into my everyday life helped me realize my purpose on Earth mission is to spread love to all with art, words, and just being myself. This is a realization that applies to all people, especially creators and artists.

I incorporate the healing practice of Ho’oponopono in all parts of thought, creation, and meditation. It is something that can and should be done on an every moment basis to open the heart to inspiration. Inspiration is always flowing. A goal of the human being is to be clean and clear vessel to allow this infinite inspiration (some call divine, angels, guides, spiritual information.) to flow through you so you can give love back to the Earth and all its sentient beings, including animals, plants, fungi and beautiful energies that make up the unseen world. This practice does not stop here to live a life of mental bliss and human prosperity.

Each being needs to adopt healthy eating, proper hydration, detoxification, exercise, and energy enhancing practices. A beautiful thing I have seen with Ho’oponopono is that it is always changing in its expression depending on who speaks about it. There is always room for fresh perspectives and glowing personal experiences. Allowing your human self to change and adapt with the world can aid you also in developing your deeper spiritual self. This is a way to be in true harmony in nature. Ho’oponopono is just one tool which allows the inspiration flow through you by the Source Divine.

Vibrations of love, understanding, acceptance, forgiveness, and gratitude start within us and from there that is where you see change over time. As you change yourself and take responsibility for everything, everything and everyone around you shifts in a way. Change happens each second but you need attune your own energy to accept the love that is always there. True responsibility is know you are the creator of your own reality and the manifestations in that reality. Whatever you have went through or are going through now, that is a part of your plan. Everything happens in your life for a reason and each person you meet and even interact with for a second was a part of your divine plan.

You can see in this article that love, gratitude, and Ho’oponopono healing is inside of my art and creations. The beauty of this practice is that you don’t have to limit yourself to one life application or your “identity”. From practicing this for a years, I have realized that this is integrated into all facets of life, relationships, career, and what people deem as success. The truth is, there is power in all thoughts. These thoughts you have each day need to be rooted in love and gratitude to build your desired life results.

Let us all learn lessons of life to share universal experiences with humanity and next generations. Thank you so much for reading this article about Ho’oponopono and I truly love you. Love is the strongest vibration. Work the love each day and see your life transform. A main point is to do it for yourself and see the changes happening in your life moment by moment.

Please enjoy the following sections for my creative work centered around Ho’oponopono Healing. Make sure to subscribe to me on YouTube for more high vibration videos and content.

Ho’oponopono Haiku

I created Ho’oponopono Haiku in this book so I could always go back to the poems for clearing and healing. You can do the same. Ho’oponopono is an art of self healing and haiku is relaxing for a higher consciousness. Allow inspiration to flow into your life just from reading the words is the book. About Ho’oponopono Haiku by Olivia Tatara:

This is Ho’oponopono Haiku: Haiku poems for healing the self. Be mesmerized by the vibrations of your own heart. Haiku is complexity and simplicity working in perfect harmony.The beat of haiku is the rhythm of life. It is the movement your soul needs to feel at home in a dissonant universe. Life is very simple. Allow the breath and words in this book to sweep you clean. This is a book of you. The lit path to inner transformation is one haiku away.

You are ready for it!

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