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Energy Panting

Energy Art online by Olivia Tatara
Olivia Tatara 2017 All Right Reserved Abstract Collection 2

Art is energy.

Energy is everything.

Art is in everything.

This is the collection of abstract paintings from various years, in a variety of sizes, with many different mediums. The represent emotions, situations, life, family, death, magic, the universe, cosmic, energy, and everything. Enjoy the vibrancy of every day. All originals here are sold.

These paintings represent energy in all things. Aura energy, chakra energy, life energy, Light, Truth, peace, abundance, wealth the cosmos and more! Find one that attracts to you.

Art has great power.

Rainbow Fire
Jungle Path
Heart’s Desire
Evil Eye Protection
Infinite Sun
Money Frequency
Aura Energy
Eye of Chanchu
Child Light

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