Expressions of Earth #2

Title: Expressions of the Earth #2

Collection: Expressions of the Earth

Collection Description: Not to scale hand painted interpretations of the Earth world map. The colors on the land are mixed in various shades and hues. The land masses are surrounded by a white highlight. The ocean is a dark reflective black with speckled land masses in white like the night sky.

Inner Meaning: This energy art masterpiece is here for you to unify the world. If you love maps and the Earth. This one of a kind world map is perfect for you space. The many colors in this painting are to align all energy centers of your body and feel at home with the Earth. The world is Love, Peace, and Harmony. Live it by handing this piece in your space.


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Thank you for reading this and taking the time to view this one of a kind painting.

Expressions of the Earth #2 Fine Art Masterpiece

by Olivia Tatara – OAT

Expressions of the Earth #2 shows you the many textures of the many places on this amazing planet. They are illuminated in a white light. Allow this painting to brighten up any space. This will surely stand out in any space.

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