Rainbow Ocean Metal Print (Chakra Cleansing)


Meaning of this Painting:

To unlock the magic of this rainbow color clearing, you must experience the Rainbow Ocean Painting with a pure heart.

Bring the Essence of All Light into your life.

This painting is a 7-chakra cleansing and renewal with the primal powers of water,  fire, and sky. Whether you see it as a sunset or a sunrise, your being can be touched by the immense color and energy of this perspective.





Original Painting Details

Title: Rainbow Ocean

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Panel

Year: 2023

Purpose: The purpose of this painting is to unlock the inner wounds inside of every energy center and organ so it is able to cleanse with the water.



Product features

  • Immortalize your favorite Olivia Tatara Healing Art on durable lightweight aluminum that will outlive us all
  • Choose your finish: Gloss, for brilliant colors and detail, or Matte, for a soft, even look with minimal glare
  • Gently rounded corners
  • Easily wipe clean with a soft cloth
  • Ready to hang, with a back mount fixture so the art seems to float in front of the wall