The Real Woman: Zen Poems


To be a real woman is to be true to yourself and realize that you are gifted beyond.

This book is dedicated to women and girls of any age so they can reflect on their own lives and change in the moment. Prepare yourself for life and heal from what has been experienced. We share many experiences as women and we are able to relate to one another on many levels. Read more about The Real Woman below.



The Real Woman – For All Women of the Earth, Females and Beyond

These haiku poems bring each reader into the moment in order to mend the heart, reprogram the brain, and soothe the body from hurtful and all types of life experiences.

Experience the love within through each haiku and reclaim your power by knowing people understand you even without speaking or meeting you. You are able to heal yourself through reading, reflecting, reciting, and rereading the haiku in this book. We are all connected. There is greatness within you. Realize this truth and you can shift your life.


NOTE: This book is for females of 13+ years. You may read this book with your young one if you believe that this will help at an earlier age realize the truth and power of being a female; and also learn the power of self healing, love, and forgiveness from an early age. This skill is always available and can be exercised at any time.

This text may have content that brings up various emotions and situations and may not be suitable for some people to experience at this point in time. Allow this book to be a safe gateway to self-forgiveness, gratitude for life, self-love, and universal forgiveness.


This book contains:

– Haiku Poems and Woman Empowerment