Animals are beautiful spirits on Earth to aid us in many ways

I will use my intuition and artistic ability to paint a picture of your spirit animal or your animal of choice in this Energy Art masterpiece. Allow your animal connection to be enhanced and brought to aid you in life in whatever what you need.

If you want me to paint your spirit animal and you already have a connection to your chosen or given totem, my gifts of art and animal connection will take you to another realm of self-knowing your guide.

If you do not know your spirit animal, allow me to use my artistic intuition to uncover your guide to you through this energy art masterpiece.

I am also able to draw/paint your current animal friend so you can give tribute to them in your home.

I am also able to draw/paint deceased animal partners so that these loving family members’ memories can stay in your heart and with you forever.

This is an ambitious, heartfelt and crafty painting to add to your space, home, or business.

Pricing of this project depends on the size and medium discussed and negotiated before this project is completed. Please contact for more details via facebook or instagram.