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Spiritual Art to Raise Your Consciousness

I use my intuition to create digital spiritual art that can effect people in many ways for the highest good!

If you are going through anything in your life and want to be able to visualize a correct path and prime life choices, I will create a digitally edited image to assist in your further spiritual transformation.

These images are embedded with the frequencies of your highest consciousness and spirit guides to direct you on the correct path. My psychic images are no joke. Only contact me if you are serious about your own spiritual, and emotional healing and development.

Please understand that a photo and name of the person this image is for will be confidential to me to used to create. From there I am able to connect to make an image that best aligns you with the creative flow of the universe.

Package #1: $25.00 – Includes 1 psychic image

Package #2: $35.00 – Includes 1 psychic image + short description

Package #3: $55.00 – Includes 2 psychic image (Initial and Transformation) + long description

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