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The best day ever – A Poem by OAT

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Make every day the best day ever. It doesn’t matter what you feel or what happens. Know that life is precious in every second. May my poems heal your heart.

I wake up and jumped in joy

With a bright new start, my heart feels coy

for no good reason

I laugh because its a wonderful season

I look at society, people, communities

Smiling a running off like a foxy kit

into this mold

i do not fit

in my heart there is so much love

and i accept it.

i am watching myself get dressed

above myself, i look down impressed

i ask for light to go to all the distressed

fast flashes of the past

pass away with gratitude

supplemented by swift movements with calm attitudes

get ready and feel fresh always. day and night the water is light

looking forward to the next winning fight

alternative methods of making things snap in

make creation and divinity flow from within

mirage and illusion

combined with awakening and knowing

brings back the feeling of always losing.

Like something is always at fault

but this feeling quickly comes to a halt

With the knowledge of breath and the cleansing taste of salt.

A good feeling of togetherness through broken bread.

On top of the world, beautiful words are said.

All the bliss inside my head.

is real.

I feel.

I feel all.

One dream ignites

It Bursts into Reality.

The story of my life.

An instant creator.

A star seed manifestor.

a shining light in every way

my perfect and every day.

  • Poem by Olivia Tatara