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The Gods Poem from The Golden Palm

I am not ashamed of the Gospel in me. God is dynamic to my salvation.

Allow the golden light of whatever you call GOD to fill your life. It is the power of the most high.

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Be swept away by the soft vibrations of golden light and love. Feel the sunlight off the golden palm tree. Connect with God, Nature, and Oneness of self with the Golden Palm.

The Gods – Part 1

From The Golden Palm by Olivia Tatara

Who is my God?

To me, God is you.

God is in your eyes,

So bright and blue.

God is me.

I feel it when I breathe.

God is in my stomach.

It is where the power comes from.

God is that man.

The beggar

You see the trouble in his eyes but also a deep purity.

God is that woman.

So powerful and strong

But hurt so bad.

Her heart is broken.

God is in my cat.

So smart…

Just eat, play, sleep like a slate.

God is not hate.

God is on TV.


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About the Author

Olivia Tatara | IG | FB | YT | OAT

Olivia is an artist from the USA. She is the author of many poem books and children books. Her message involves color, light, and love in all her works. From creating logos to canvas masterpieces, Olivia’s artistic ability soars. She believes there is art for every person. Every person is a masterpiece. Olivia uses many art mediums for expression in art such as canvas art, digital art, prose poetry, haiku poetry, statue rehabilitation, pottery and more!

Check out her current art on her website and social media. | @oliviatatara

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And now presenting…

The Golden Palm

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No matter what happens,

it’s happening and then it happened.

Always look for the golden light sunshine.

Affirm it: My life is mine.

There is no end,

until the end of time.

From the Golden Palm by Olivia Tatara

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