The Tao of OAT

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The Tao of OAT by Olivia Tatara

New Book Coming Soon! December 2020

This book is a tool you can use to enhance your energy through words, images, and energy.

It contains ancient teaching of the Tao within combined with the creativity of OAT. Enhance yourself in all forms and see your life soar.

Combined with the power of your own inner child, allow yourself to be set free to achieve your dreams and desires in this life.

This is the Tao of OAT.

Tao of oat

Poem from The Tao of OAT

Chapter Channels:


Every path is a choice

Every choice makes you feel

Is what you feel real?

Just change the channel

With your breath

The Essence of Tao

Start Again

When you feel there is nothing left

All you need is belief

In yourself

You are the answer

The true Tao Within

The Spirit of the Jaguar

Ready to awaken

From the Tao of OAT – Chapter Channels

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