What is Energy Art? By Olivia Tatara

The energy art creations by OAT are meant to bring you to a higher level of being. Raise your consciousness through pure creative energy.

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What is Energy Art?

Energy art is fine art with a purpose to transmute the energy of any individual’s life into creative flow. Life is about creating. Each masterpiece is strategically painted in a free flowing creative consciousness so whoever purchases the print or original masterpiece are able to experience the specific energy each painting holds in your life.

These paintings use color vibrations and many different direct intentions such as self mantras, Ho’oponpono, music, and elemental essences. Energy Art is art that makes you feel good when you look at it.

These paintings hold an energy, an essence of what people would call energy, spirituality, emotion, love, light, cosmic, consciousness, collective, gods, goddesses, higher power and Source. The key to energy art is that it is the Source of what is inside of your heart.

Everything in life is energy and when this energy is pure creativity, there is no saying the possibilities in your life. Have an open mind and an open heart and you will experience the magic of yourself through these artistic tools.

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Can anyone Experience Energy Art?

Of course. Energy art is art with a purpose. It is art that gives you inspiration in life. It is pure creative energy in a painting. It is a tool you can always refer back to.

The whole point of these energy art paintings is for you to believe fully in yourself so you can rise to the flow of good experiences the universe has coming for you. The way to do that is with creative energy. It is through the inspiration, color, and love in each paintings’ creative energies that will allow your life to unfold its miracles to you.

No matter who you are or where you are in the world at any time, there is something for everyone. There is a painting or print that will call out to you and make you feel good.

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Why is Energy Art Important in Today’s Time?

Energy art is a focal point for the brain to come to different states of perception. These paintings range from surreal landscapes, colorful abstract paintings, affirmations, spiritual topics, and more.

Art is catharsis and a wonderful way to brighten your space. If you feel the energy from a painting and you resonate with the words written, then it has a meaning and a purpose in your life. Art by Olivia Tatara and Artcestral use the tools of color, topic, and subtle energy to help you change your vibrations immediatly and reprogram your life.

Everyone in life now needs to sharpen their intuitions and enhance their creative flow in life whether you are deep thinking for a career and/or dealing with life stresses. Take control of your own and make positive changes in your life.

Energy art is art that works. It is art that holds a space and ads color to your current environment. Energy Art is perfect for your home, business, or personal space. The more you look at these paintings and experience the words carefully written in each description, you will notice shifts, changes, and sudden inspiration spark in your life.

Ultimately, these positive changes you make from these paintings and the inspiration within them is up to you, but through the creative energy of manifestation, may you create your life.

There is something for everyone. If you want to experience our energy art, please use the links below. Items are being added everyday so please check back regularly for your chosen piece.

Purchase Original Energy Art by OAT on Artcestral

Purchase Energy Art Prints by OAT on Artcestral