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Words of a Web Designer – Poem by Olivia Tatara

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Poem by Olivia Tatara

​Words of a Web Designer (Fingers) by Olivia Tatara

at least i can escape
into my screen

i keep forgetting
these scenes of beauty
I create

The endless pixels right at my fingertips
Are better then kissing cold lips
Clicks and highlights turn into sleepless nights

with taps and ticks
I Type Type Type

Copy and Paste
Every Task completed with precise haste

They call me fingers
My work lingers

Mesmerizing colors
blend into one another
i remind myself that i am not a slave

i am a human being
and sometimes attention i crave

But i do for myself, i make my own wage

my advice to the web master,
stop listening to the lies among society
people telling you to

work better
work faster

Make your own value
that means something to you
Stop pleasing false masters that make your face blue

though liars and cheats may waste my honest time
I laugh in their face for i know that
I thrive

shifting the rules
sharing universal tools

creating my own world with song
in a digital atmosphere
is where i belong

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